Pink Elephant Home combines thoughtful organization with stylish decor. I meet you wherever you are in life and partner with you judgment free. We all have elephants in the room and I can help you face them, one small bite at a time.


I'm Claudia, the owner of Pink Elephant Home, a concierge personal organization and home styling company created to help make your life a little easier.

My mission is to help you simplify your life and enjoy your home to the fullest! That means helping you edit all your belongings and then infusing stylish touches that refresh your spaces and update your home. 


Whether you're a busy family or a single career person, we can all get overwhelmed by work-life pressures. Creating a peaceful and organized space is a game changer for how we live and play.


Many of my clients begin with one project and then quickly feel a noticeable shift in their lifestyle. It's really very simple: when our things are thoughtfully edited and beautifully styled, our households hum and we're inspired to share our home with friends and family. Isn't that what it's all about?


Just in case you're bashful about having me over... 

Prior to starting my company, I was an attorney - so, rest assured I know all about confidentiality and judgment free zones! I use those same principles in my projects - respect, guidance and lots of encouragement. 

My personal design perspective is always evolving and adjusting to life's various phases. My family and I relocated from Southern California to the Midwest (that's our home & PEH headquarters in the photo below!). Over the years, we've lived at the beach, in the city, in the suburbs, big spaces, tight spaces, and through it all, organization & good design got us through! 

The first step is to take action, and as we all know... the only way to eat an elephant is to take one small bite at a time! 

I'd love to help you organize and style your home in all the ways you imagined but never had time for. Together we can organize, style, and transform your home.

Let's get started!