We recognize that stressful situations arise when homeowners are faced with getting their homes market-ready. There is a specific art to staging and it’s best left to a neutral and dispassionate party. That's why Pink Elephant Home is a trusted partner when it comes to transforming properties for quick sales. Our role is to strategically style your listing with solutions that are on trend with today's HGTV influenced buyers. 


We offer a unique service that is an alternative to traditional full-scale staging. We understand the value of mass appeal while respecting the emotional connection seller’s have to their home. We balance this sensitivity with no-nonsence practical advice that leads to impactful showings and fast sales. Isn’t that your goal?


PE HomePrepTM is a whole-house audit and soft styling service that combines the homeowner's edited-down furnishings with our signature ''set-ups''. These carefully curated accessory set-ups are placed in key areas that sell homes — kitchens, bathrooms, laundry and front porch. When buyers flip through magazines or Pinterest, they are influenced by these lifestyle images. We bring those to life in small vignettes that evoke an emotional connection and fill in visual blanks that buyers may encounter. 



Whole-House Audit:

PE HomePrepTM is an affordable flat fee service for the whole-house audit which includes an on-site visit lasting approximately 2 hours. During this visit we focus on space utilization, flow, and aesthetics. We follow up with an itemized room-by-room actionable written report. Use this report as a DIY action list or couple it with our signature set-up services.

Fee:  $300

Virtual House Audit:

Short on time? If you have invested in a good quality photos of your property, we offer a virtual consultation. Rate dependent on square footage.


Signature Set-Ups:

We can work with clients to provide our signature set-ups- either as recommended in our audit, or a la carte to fit their budget. We offer a complimentary 30 minute client meeting to quote their specific needs.


Who is Pink Elephant Home?

Pink Elephant Home is a residential styling and personal organization company that helps clients create stylish and functional home environments. 


Why shouldn't agents directly advise clients on staging?

An agent's main responsibility is to help their clients with the sale of their property. The last thing an agent wants to do is compromise their client's trust by inadvertently offending their client. PEH steps in as a neutral partner to help educate your client and navigate the home prep phase.


I am selling without an agent, can PEH help me with the entire marketing process?

The short answer is Yes! PEH can help you audit and soft stage your home for market. We also have preferred partners to help you with photography, curb appeal/landscaping and cleaning. We also can help you with short term storage solutions and donation resources to help clear out excess belongings.   

How Does PE Homeprep Work?

We meticulously audit every room of the home and make specific recommendations on items which need to be moved or eliminated--either due to being dated or out of scale for the house. We also make recommendations on paint lighting, art, and alternative use of space. This appointment typically lasts 2 hours, depending on square footage. You will receive a  detailed, actionable written report that homeowners can utilize to prepare for market.


Why not just hire a traditional stager?

A family lives in the home you’re selling and a family is most likely going to buy the home you are selling. Conversely, if you're a hipster in a condo, you're likely going to attract an aspiring hipster in a condo. Thus, a total depersonalization is not always advisable in terms of helping buyers envision themselves in the home. Neither is painting every wall white.


Cost may be a factor. When marketing a home that is already furnished with some quality pieces, it is not always necessary to substitute in other furnishings. The key is careful editing of existing furniture and deleting superfluous items that create clutter and obstruct flow.