Styling capitalizes on the work you've already done by infusing the details that pull rooms together. We combine personal appointments with digital design boards to develop your final look and get your projects done, start to finish.


You appreciate style, have lots of design goals and also a lot on your plate. Whether there's a specific problem area or just a lack of direction, Pink Elephant Home can translate your big-picture ideas into an actionable plan.


Springboard is a high-intensity brainstorming session that will get you focused and get you moving toward reaching your design goals. Afterwards, you can choose to take it from there by following the detailed design summary, or add on full service design hours.


  • $500  2 hour brainstorming session + written summary of the ideas & recommendations we discuss.


Perfect for infusing small design gestures that make a room feel finished. Examples of projects include bookshelves, photo walls, tablescapes, bar carts and furniture placement.


  • $120 per hour + cost of materials


You've always loved your home and you don't want to move. But now things are feeling dated and you just need a refresh. Let Pink Elephant Home help you create spaces you'll love.


Ideal for whole room projects such as living rooms & dining rooms, transitioning kids' bedrooms to teen spaces or repurposing underutilized rooms in your home.


We will develop a design plan and transform your room so you can enjoy the full potential of your home.


  • 1 hour initial consultation

  • Digital inspiration boards to share ideas

  • Actionable written plan that includes furniture recommendations and a shopping list

  • Referrals to tradespeople

  • Text messaging to ask questions along the way

  • Furniture orders, tracking & deliveries 

  • Project management and coordination of related trades, and/or sales or donations for any used furniture  

  • Final walk-through

  • $120 per hour + materials



If you are remodeling your home without a full time designer or architect, you're facing many stressful hours of detailed decision-making that may have you second guessing yourself at every turn.


Don't get bogged down with analysis paralysis. Whether to help you create a production schedule, accompany you to design meetings, or just to give you a decisive opinion on a design detail, call me in "as needed" to keep you moving forward.


  • $120 per hour